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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ford Festiva

The Ford Festiva is a subcompact car that was marketed by the Ford Motor Company between 1986 and 2002. The Festiva was sold in Japan, North America, South America, and Australasia. The name "Festiva" is derived from the Spanish word for "festive".

Production started in Japan in 1986, for sale through Ford Japan's Autorama dealer network. The Festiva used the Mazda DA platform and Mazda's B series inline-four engines, which continued the trend of Fords built and designed by Mazda for the Asia-Pacific market such as the Laser and Telstar. Assembly under license by Kia Motors, which at the time was partly owned by Ford, started soon afterwards.

In markets where the Ford Fiesta was available, the first generation Festiva was sold as the Mazda 121 from 1988 until 1991, when it was replaced by the Autozam Revue, also re-badged as the 121. The second generation was introduced in 1993, which was sold as the Ford Festiva, Ford Aspire or Kia Avella in various markets. The Festiva was marketed in North America from the 1988 to the 1993 model years—with roughly 350,000 units sold.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alfa Romeo 33 Series

The Alfa Romeo 33 is a small family car produced by the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo between 1983 and 1995. It was essentially an evolution of its predecessor, the Alfasud, which was based on the same floorplan, chassis and mechanicals albeit with some minor modifications. The Alfa Romeo Arna was launched shortly after, offering a similar size car but at a lower cost. The 33 was discontinued in 1994 and replaced by the Alfa Romeo 145 and 146, which used the same boxer engines but built around an entirely new platform based on the Fiat Tipo.

The 33 has a unique place in Alfa Romeo history - nearly 1 million of these cars were produced internationally. During its 11 year lifespan the 33 saw a light facelift in 1986 and a significant restyle in 1989.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proton Satria Neo


Proton Satria Neo is the replacement model of the previous Satria variants, using all-new design, chassis and powerplant. Launched on 16 June 2006, the Satria Neo is available in 1.6L and 1.3L variants, where both variants are powered by Campro engine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ensure the safety of your vehicle during car shipping

People are generally concerned about the safety of their vehicles during car shipping. The car moving companies are professionals who would make sure that your car is safely transported. There would be ties, metal chains and hooks holding the vehicle during shipping thereby keeping the car in place. But some people would not prefer the metal chains or hooks touching their expensive motors. However this concern is not needed as every car manufacturer would have had strong locations on the steel underside of the car where the hooks can be attached. Such holes and groves can be seen in the undercarriage of almost all automobiles. If you look under the car, you can see it. These places are known to the car shipping company and they place the hooks there for ensuring maximum safety for the vehicle. Nonetheless, for keeping the car in place, different car transport companies use different methods. Some companies use thick flat rope ties that go around each of your vehicle’s tires for securing the car in place.

It is quite natural to ask the auto transport companies why they tie down your car while transporting it. The reason behind this is that it is very important to keep the car secure and it should not be moved while on auto transport carrier. Also there is one more reason; since the vehicles are kept fairly close to one another, there are chances that they would bump into each other while transporting. Moreover, the car carrier would make turns on the way as it goes up and down hills, the vehicle should be locked in place in order to prevent it from sliding off the truck. The auto transport company takes necessary steps and you can be at ease knowing that your vehicle would be safe.

Some of the automobiles would have large or wide tires. It is beneficial since the tie down straps and chains have extra length and that needed to be adjusted to fit most of the vehicles. And if the automobile is having large or wide tires, it would be easy to accommodate it on the car transport truck. But it is important to notify such details like large truck tires or low profile racing tires to the car shipping company well in advance so that they take necessary arrangements. Nevertheless if you are concerned, you can ask the company about the method they use to secure the cars on the carriers. It is important to know since you don’t want any snags or hitches to happen to the exterior of the car.

It is always better to keep the car on the upper deck while transporting it. There are certain benefits in doing it like choosing business class over economy. Usually the car shipping companies place the cars on top based on when and where they are picked up. Some companies would give you an option to choose the place and if so take the opportunity and select the upper deck. There are some benefits like it protects the car from leaky fluids, road debris and theft.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Car hauling jobs threatened by Chrysler and GM

The GM Co. and Chrysler, took billions of dollars from the U.S tax payers, promising the preservation of U.S jobs, but now are exposing the Union jobs to vulnerable situations. The money was to preserve good jobs and keep the industries alive.

They are aggressively reducing the costs by employing cheap, non-union car hauling companies to transport vehicles from factories to dealer lots, putting people out of work.

"Many of these replacement drivers come with little experience, inadequate training, no accountability and inadequate equipment," the letters say in the report.
GM and Chrysler encourage job cuts

GM and Chrysler are just transforming the way the automobiles are delivered to the showrooms. They seem to create a race to the bottom by encouraging other carmakers to follow them, endangering jobs. With this, they are trying to destroy the good paying American jobs, which provide a living wage and decent benefits.

The consumer’s rate of buying cars never goes down, but with this Chrysler and GM decision to use car haulers, who have no enough driving experience. They take little safety precautions and are causing damage to the new cars that are being hauled from the factories. This might cause to run down the customers hope on new cars.

Safety and economical security threatened

"It's particularly offensive that GM and Fiat-Chrysler are taking the lead in cutting corners, threatening the safety and economic security of the taxpayers and car buyers who have footed the bill - tens of billions of dollars - to bail them out,” said by Rosemary Shahan, founder and president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety. Are they not aware that they are threatening the safety and economical security of the tax payers?

Already, nearly 400 jobs are cut since Oct 1, when GM and Chrysler moved to their new business model. It is known that the average rate of unemployment is higher in Detroit than the national average unemployment rate.

Is U.S economic security in the hands of GM and Chrysler?

U.S. economy is solely in the hands of automobile industries- this statement is very clear with the current situation which is prevailing in U.S. Though the Union had taken steps to bring this issue to the light with the Congress, but it showed they could do nothing to reverse the automakers actions.

Teamsters fights, GM and Chrysler job cuts
On the other hand, the teamster’s pressure over GM and Chrysler to stop eliminating good teamster jobs continues. GM and Chrysler are aggressively trying to put a halt to the teamsters hauling jobs.

Consumer Action’s Director of National Priorities Linda Sherry said "We have motorists sharing the freeways with these car carriers who do not secure the car properly. It is terrifying to imagine of the damage, two tons of metal could cause if it fell off a car carrier..." Now, unfortunately, I have an answer - albeit the wrong answer! - Because the report we are releasing today clearly shows that cut-rate car-hauling firms do not know what they are doing, and this endangers all motorists and buyers of new Chrysler and GM vehicles."

Its difficult to understand as why GM and Chrysler showing the way to other automobile manufacturing companies to follow their strategy of hiring non-union car haulers, which in turn is hampering the daily wages of a common union car hauler.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Measures for a safety drive, especially when you drive around tractor trailers

An accident with a Tractor Trailers that carries heavy loads can be a disaster and may lead you and your passengers to miserable situations. The huge vehicle outweighs the average vehicle by many tons; your car may not be anything in front of it and hence has no chance to resist the force from the crashing truck.

Accidents are something that keeps happening everyday but still there are steps that you can take for safety of you and your family while traveling on roads and interstates.

Avoiding distracted driving and following few techniques link Defensive driving will help you keep away from potentially fatal crashes with tractor trailers which could help both of you to reach your destination safely, i.e., you are the truck driver. Defensive driving technique helps a driver to anticipate any dangerous situation even though the other person is bad in driving. It purely aims at reducing the risk of driving.

It is always essential to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Especially Tractor trailers being huge and gigantic cannot easily get through the traffic; hence it is essential to take utmost care when traveling near tractor trailers. Tractor trailers cannot be stopped suddenly like other vehicles due to their operational limitations.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Avoid risk by doing clear insurance assessment

Today there are majorities of the car shipping companies having reputation in the market. These shipping companies providing better services and they are bearing the insurance coverage also. The insurance coverage which they offer are well covered for any expected damages to your vehicle during the transportation. When you are coming across for an approximation from the auto shipping companies and your vehicle is in their supervision, you required to determine the quantum of insurance coverage which is provided by these auto transport company. In order to stay away from any misinterpretation later, it is always better to get copies of all promises in written format. These documents which are given by shipping companies must include insurance policies and other agreements.

There are some companies which transports any kind of vehicle legally. If you find a company which is legal to transport any kind of vehicle than you have to find out whether they have shipment and accountability insurance or not. In most of the cases these companies have both the insurance.

You can visit to the insurance company, and check twice all this information with them. The company will inform you everything that you have to know and you can clear all your doubt before trusting on them. This will make sure to you that for anything which will happen to your vehicle will be covered by them when it is in their custody.

Friday, February 11, 2011

All you need to know in Car shipping

Shipping in general has different meanings and it is the process of transporting a goods or cargo either by land, sea or air. Car shipping is the process of transporting the car from the one location to other. Car shipping is needed when more than one vehicle is required to be transported to a particular location, or the final destination is overseas. Price, quality and reliability are some of the biggest concerns owners may have when they have a need for vehicle shipping. Car shipping is a big process and the number of factors influence the car shipping cost.

On the number of factors, the major ones include the distance, method and speed of the shipment. Other factors, such as international duties, may also add to the cost of the service, depending on the vehicle's final destination. The most expensive, and often the most time consuming, way of shipping a vehicle is by ship. This may, however, be the only option in some situations. Those using car shipping services to ship a car over land usually may choose a service that uses a semi-tractor for such purposes. In this case, a car will be driven onto a ramp and then secured onto the trailer. Often, the structure of the trailer is open to the air. This is the way many commercial vehicles are shipped, but may not be a very practical way to ship a vehicle unless there are multiple vehicles that need to shipped.

Car shipping companies usually provide these services in a most efficient way. Once you have approached the help of car shippers, you don’t need to worry unless you can’t find the best movers. They move your car in an easiest way and guide you in all aspects and once you booked for the process they come to your house or the place you said and take your car and hand over to you in the appropriate time.

They move your car by two types of modes such as open and enclosed method of transportation and generally use the best trucks to move the car. The choice is yours and if you have any doubts in the modes, you can ask them and they clear your queries in a best way.

If you have a luxurious car, then prefer enclosed type and if it is a normal one chose open type and select the mode depending upon your budget. Reserving the movers will ensure that the move goes well and when you plan for car shipping, it is better to seek a help from your friend and ask advice so that you might come to understand some details regarding the car shipping. Find the auto shipping details through keywords like car transport service, car shipping service and auto transport companies. This would help you to find some better car transporters in your state or country.

After your car is transported, check the car fully and if there is any damage to your car, get the sign from the driver in the bill of lading. Ensure that you have approached the best car shipping companies so that you can remain hassle free.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exclusive means of handling shipment through Car shipping

Are you moving from one city to another or moving from one country to another country? And you desire that your vehicle too, to be moved in newly shifted place. But it’s certainly impossible for anyone to drive the vehicle for such a long distant or take it along. And so you have decided to put up for sale of your most precious asset because there is no other option left out than this. Then please hold on and tune up your mind before doing such deed because there are lots of shipping companies that carry out the task of moving your vehicles from one place to another place.

Such auto transport companies have experts and knowledgeable workers that handle your car carefully and transport the same. The company will possess the license for shipping purpose and will even have liability insurance and license for cargo. If possibly you are making a long journey, across a country, you can move a car transport company, by paying them, to move your three or four family vehicles.

Auto transport is not so easy assignment as one has to look for the travelling distance to be covered up, climatic conditions, means of transport requisite and the carriage to be chosen for transporting purpose. Blindly giving away your car to the unskilled transportation company, by trusting in their fake guarantees on safety and deliverance will not only smash up your asset, but you will also wind up in paying heavy restore or service costs.

Today there are many new innovations and technologies existing for shipment and almost at any destination transportation can be completed whether it is a small cycle to a big vehicle. Before shipping the company worker will ensure the condition of the car. Whether it is in working condition or not, any personal stuff left in the car, quantity of fuel present, any existing scrape or any damages. It will also see to that the vehicle is insured. And finally they will say the cost involved for shipping.

A report will be generated and all particulars of the vehicle will be written down and both the parties will sign the prepared documents. And at the time of dispensing the vehicle at the said spot a similar statement will be prepared again. The owner has to cautiously validate the documents and make sure that its vehicle is in same condition as it was earlier. If there damages then it can be claimed from the transporting company which he has selected.

The person must also have details on what type of carriage the company is using for shipment purpose. It may be simple trucks, open carriage, freight containers, closed carriage, or trailers. And must also be informed at what date and time and whether you will get your automobile at your door step directly or at a particular the delivery is going to be given.

Finding out the accurate automobile consignment is what one should look for and thus it suits your prescribed needs and budget. Therefore it is important to choose experienced, licensed, and bonded automobile shipping company with demonstrated track record for consistent service.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Solving the dilemma in auto transport

Cars are considered as the most valued possession in many people’s lives. Yes, they have outdone home or even engagement ring. People find extreme joy and pride to own an expensive car or even a simple model is worth a pride. Cars are often considered as status symbols and they would be insured for high rates. So when people want to transport their car to a new place, they take the best and safe way available. Auto transport services are greatly in need since nobody would like to take a risk in car shipping.

A great amount of experience and responsibility is needed in car shipping since the property to be handled is huge and expensive. A responsible auto transport company would be well prepared with proper equipments and well trained workers to ensure the safety of the cars. More over the interior as well as the exterior of the car should be given sufficient care while transporting. People usually select auto transport company after thorough research about the services and the history of the company.

One has to be very careful while selecting the car shipping systems. This would generally be a personal choice based on the value they have given to the car. Mainly there are two systems available; enclosed auto transport and open auto transport. In the enclosed transport system, the car is carried inside a container. This can ensure the safety of the vehicle. Usually a hydraulic lifts are used to load the car into the container. So there wouldn’t be any hitch during loading and unloading.

The car wouldn’t be prone to vibrations as most of the companies provide excellent suspension. If people want to go for economical car transport, they would probably select open car transport. Here the container carrying the vehicle would be open to the sky. Many cars will be put on the container which usually takes only main roads. If you opt for the cheapest transport, the open transport would be the better choice. On the other hand if more care should be given to the vehicle, closed transport is better as it is not prone to climatic conditions and road hazards.

The auto transport companies usually provide door delivery and also terminal to terminal transport. Generally terminal to terminal shipping has been selected by people since that would be in lesser rates compared to door delivery. But here individuals have to take the responsibility of leaving and collecting the car at the terminal.

The safety of the vehicle can be guaranteed as the car transport company offer insurance coverage. This would differ from company to company. However, one has to be sure about the registration details of the company. The experience in auto transport would also be counted.

While giving the car for shipping, the details about the vehicle should be properly explained to the company. This would help the workers to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Also the shipping route and delivery time and date should be sought in advance. The dilemma in car shipping can be easily solved once an auto transport company satisfying the needs have been assigned.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Methods of auto transporting

The two methods of auto transporting are open and enclosed auto transporting. Open auto transporting method is mostly preferred by the companies since they can transport many vehicles at a time. The vehicles are transported in open air and this method is the common method preferred by the dealers also. The problems existing in open transport are it is subjected to risk due to environmental factors and the road conditions. The other type of transporting is enclosed auto transport. In this method the car is transported in a close carrier and only two to four can be transmitted at a time .this is a costly method but ensures you the more safety. It protects your car from environmental hazards and also prevents your car from scratches.

Auto insurance the important factor of auto transporting

So you have decided to transport your vehicle. If any accidents occur during transporting of the vehicles be sure that you are protected from the loss. In order to protect your car from the loss, you should be aware of the auto insurance. Every car shipping company has the insurance coverage. Check whether the whole car is covered under the insurance policy not only certain parts. Check the legal policy of the company. After your car is transported check the car fully if any damages occur get the sign from the driver in the bill .Auto insurance does not cover any of your personal belongings inside the car.

Precautionary measures of auto shipping

When you decided to transport your vehicle choose the company which best suits you. And check whether your car is filled with one fourth of the petrol only. When you transport your car, prepare a list and give details regarding the conditions of the car. So in future if there is any damage after transportation you can claim using the bill. Put an agreement with respective company and try to clear all your doubts. Do not believe on any oral promises maintain a paper agreement.Dont keep any personal materials in the car since car transport companies are not responsible for your personal belongings.

Company of your choice:

You have decided to transport your car .Select a company which offers you an affordable price and satisfy all your requirements. Consider the company reputation and see when it is started. Also check the company has the license to transport the vehicles in the nation and also gives you the insurance option. See whether the company has the option to deliver your vehicles in your locality. Since many companies does not transport the vehicles to the locality where you are. Search the companies in the internet using list of keywords.

Auto transport the technological innovation

In this busy world people does not have time for some of their common work. They need some source to carry out the work. The toughest thing the people find is transportation of the vehicle from one place to other. People find many difficulties in transporting their vehicle. They want their vehicles to be reached safely without any damages. To overcome this problem auto transport companies were started to transport the vehicle from one place to other place without any damages and provides safety for your vehicle.

Advantages of transport and shipping

- The support and trust of the customer for using car shipping.
- Its lot easier and inexpensive than other auto transport.
- If the vehicle is taken to the terminal instead of the transporter picking from your place saves a lot of money.
- The main advantage of move transport is that they drop your vehicle at your place instead of picking it up from the terminal.
- Vehicle shipping is lot cheaper because there are chances of breakdown, traffic or accidents to occur while self driving.
- If there is any damage to your car while car transport the company provides Auto insurance claim.
- Necessary to clean the vehicle so that nothing is lost during the car transport.
- Check out the vehicle before transporting so that is anything is lost/stolen in between can be claimed from the company.

Know more about transportation and shipping

Nowadays Transporting and Shipping vehicles to other countries is not as difficult as it was before because the transport moving company offers vehicle shipping in America for reasonable value. Transport companies are recognized by the state government and transportation department. Each one should inquire about the transporter before shipping. Try to get more information about the company from your friends and family.

There are many car transport companies which offer for lesser price but there is no guarantee for the vehicle to be delivered without damage. Sometimes shipment comes late because of climate conditions or breakdown. Another reason for the delay of vehicle is that the customer changes the venue at last moment.

Auto transport is done either in an open or closed method and is delivered in a right manner at your place. Closed auto shipping is more expensive than open shipping because closed shipping carries only three cars whereas open shipping carries till twelve cars. The vehicles which are shipped from Auto Transport Company are safely locked in the container and opens only after reaching its destination. The biggest tension for a person is about their vehicle. People get afraid to transport because of the scratches and damages done to their vehicle while transporting.

Service your vehicle before handling to the transporters for auto shipping. Run your vehicle before and after the car transport. If there is any problem after the delivery of your vehicle you can claim the money from the company if you have the car coverage's provided by the transporters while booking for vehicle shipping. Driving the car for long distance is not safe as accidents or incidents are possible to occur. However open auto shipping is lot cheaper and safer comparing to self drive. See to that all things are taken from the vehicle before shipping. It's necessary for a person to clean his vehicle.

A review of auto transport

Auto moving service is more demand in America since automobiles became the major mode of transport for people. The auto moving companies move your vehicles safely with hassle free service. Many companies have well experienced auto movers who have in-depth knowledge about the car shipping. They have initiated many new inventions and technologies in auto moving service and satisfy you in all aspects. People find many difficulties in transporting their vehicle. They want their vehicles to be reached safely without any damages. To overcome this problem auto transportation companies were started to transport the vehicle from one place to other place without any damages and provides safety for your vehicle.

Select a company which offers you an affordable price and satisfy all your requirements. Find the numbers of the moving companies through telephone book and choose the company which has outstanding experience in transportation. Enquire about the company outside and compare the charges and service with the other companies. Go through the certificates of auto shipping company and particularly go through the mcsa safety and fitness electronic records. There are auto transport review websites which guide you regarding the complaints and comments about the company. Use the source of internet and search the companies through its keyword

There are two methods of auto transporting, open and enclosed auto transporting. Open auto transporting method is where the vehicles are transported in open air and this method is the common method preferred by the dealers as well. The problems existing in open transport are, it is subjected to risk due to environmental factors and the road conditions. The other type of transporting is enclosed auto transport and in this method, the car is transported in a close carrier and only two to four cars can be transmitted at a time. This is a costliest method, but ensures you the more safety and it protects your car from environmental hazards and also prevents your car from scratches.

Auto transporting companies provide two types of trucks for auto transporting such as tractor trailer trucks and hot shot or pull up style truck. You can prefer the type of truck you like and they have open and enclosed type of trucks for auto transporting of your cars. It is best to prefer enclosed type to prevent your car from environmental hazards. You can select the type and mode of your choice and also many companies guide you in these aspects and make your work easier.

People need some device to monitor their car when it is transported. To make your mind free from those troubles, a new invention in technology was introduced; it is called as gps car tracking system. It has the following facilities such as monitor the car from your place, a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, tracking and surveillance. It identifies the accident spots and can detect your car when it is theft. It has an alarm and indicates when there is a break failure. Auto transport companies generally insure your car before auto transporting and if any damages occur during car shipping you can claim the amount using insurance.

A guide to vehicle shipping

There are many auto shipping companies that can ship your car anywhere in United States.

Why do you need auto transport service?

1. Moving
2. Seasonal Relocation
3. College
4. Business Relocation
5. Military transfers

Factors to consider before choosing a vehicle shipping company:

1. Check whether the particular auto Transport Company is registered with Department of Transportation and have an active DOT or MC number.
2. Find out for how many years has it been in this industry. Contact Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against the company and whether action was taken. Consult past customers or call car sales representatives to get opinion about car shipping company. You can find out about the company online also by reading customer reviews.
3. Find out policy and procedures of the company.
4. Try to get a quotation of transport charges
5. Read the contract carefully before selecting a company.

Services provided by auto transport companies:

Open auto transport is reasonable priced and affordable by many. One negative point is your car will be loaded in an open truck and it will be exposed to sun and rain.

If you’re shipping an exotic or antique car then the best option would be to choose an enclosed service. In an enclosed service, your car will be protected from sun, snow, heat etc. This service may be a bit expensive but worthy.

Door to Door:
In door to door service, car shipping company will pick up and deliver the vehicle to your desired location. This service may be a bit expensive when compared with terminal to terminal service.

Terminal to terminal:

In this service, you have to drop your vehicle to a terminal that is near to your house. Vehicle shipping company will pick up the vehicle from that terminal and drop it to a terminal that is near to the delivery place. This service is cheaper than door to door service.

Points to remember while transporting your car

1. Remove all the removable fittings and other possessions from your car.
2. Note down each and every dent or scratch on the car.
3. Take photographs of the car from all possible angles so that you have evidence in case of any damages.
4. Ensure that tires are filled with air so that you do not have problem when you take delivery after your car reaches its destination. Avoid filling the entire tank with gas as this will needlessly add up to the weight of your car.

Do research the chosen company before signing the final agreement. To avoid disputes in future, get everything in writing. When you have secured a good price and reliable auto Transport Company you feel more comfortable transporting your car.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Car transport companies are your best auto movers

Many of you may be worrying in car transport process and it's moving, and here is your answer. The title of the article is your answer and of course today the auto transport companies have made it possible by their best service. A question can arise in your mind, how this fellow is saying that the car transport companies are your best movers. I didn't say this for just namesake or simply. After clear analyzing, identification and research only, I came to this conclusion. So, I just take this opportunity to share my research and findings to you. Let us move into the topic briefly so at last by reading this article, you can also come to same conclusion.

Here is my first question, when you recognize that the doctor you found is your best family doctor. When the doctor cures all your family medical problems and provide you the best medical solution with love and care, you believe that he/she can cure your medical problems. Am I right? I think so, I am right and similarly in the same way the car shipping concern cures all your car transport problems with love and care and make sure that it will reach the destination safely. If your car as a mouth and when it undergoes such transportation, it definitely says you, master this vehicle transporters are good enough to care for me.

As said above, all doctors can't provide you the same solution, similarly like that all car shipping companies will not provide you the same solution, and it depends upon the company and changes from company to company. So I will say which company can be called as your friendly movers. A company once you booked should guide you in all aspects and in all stages of moving, they should provide you the pick up and drop delivery, should intimate you in all stages of moving ,should provide you the best moving quote estimates with overseas shipping. Their wheels should be best way to go for auto transport.

When you look for auto transport companies, make sure that they have their own website and in that they should have provided all the materials and tips that include transport guides, suggestions and services. They should be well equipped with all resources and facilities and the main ingredient of their service should be customer satisfaction. Once you have found them you are sure that you are traveling in a right path. The car shipping company that satisfies as said above will sure strive to provide the same service in the full journey of your car shipping.

The best movers will provide you two methods of transportation such as open and enclosed method of transportation. And also, they afford you the gps car tracking facility, auto insurance and bill of lading in the process of auto transport. Most of the vehicle transport companies will guide in the aspects like things to be done before and after car vehicle shipping. I hope, now you would have realized that the car transport companies are your best auto movers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trailers Vs Drive Away Services

Most people who have bought a car online or the people who are about to relocate often worry much about taking their vehicle along them. They would be almost confused about the method to be used for relocating their vehicle. While some, make their plans to drive.

Young guys who always loved traveling are the ones who mostly choose the above said option. But my friend I'll tell you one thing that please doesn't go for this option. Since when you think of it, it might seem to be an easy task as it is your car and you are going to drive it but it would be much more costly as well as dangerous than any other means-- you'll be spending a amount for fueling, lodging, meals, and incidentals -- not to talk about the wear and tear on the means of transportation, in all time it will take, and the added risk to your safety by traveling many miles on the highways.

Few others who are much more responsible often think about safer means of traveling. Now they mostly get confused whether to go to a drive away company or a Car Shipping Company. To them the question that I would like to ask is "Is it really worth it going to a drive away company?"

The below information will explain about the differences between the two services, the advantages and the disadvantages in each service, thereby telling you the reason for me asking such a question.

About Car Shipping Service

A car shipping service loads your vehicle onto a trailer with contains many other vehicles those are to be transported to the same destination or to a different destination along the way. The trailer that the vehicle gets into can be a closed or open. It depends on the type of transport that you choose. The auto transporters coordinate their shipments among many customers. The more vehicles they can cargo onto a trailer, the more inexpensive the trip is.

About Drive Away Service

In a drive away service, they allocate a person to drive your vehicle to the required location.