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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Car hauling jobs threatened by Chrysler and GM

The GM Co. and Chrysler, took billions of dollars from the U.S tax payers, promising the preservation of U.S jobs, but now are exposing the Union jobs to vulnerable situations. The money was to preserve good jobs and keep the industries alive.

They are aggressively reducing the costs by employing cheap, non-union car hauling companies to transport vehicles from factories to dealer lots, putting people out of work.

"Many of these replacement drivers come with little experience, inadequate training, no accountability and inadequate equipment," the letters say in the report.
GM and Chrysler encourage job cuts

GM and Chrysler are just transforming the way the automobiles are delivered to the showrooms. They seem to create a race to the bottom by encouraging other carmakers to follow them, endangering jobs. With this, they are trying to destroy the good paying American jobs, which provide a living wage and decent benefits.

The consumer’s rate of buying cars never goes down, but with this Chrysler and GM decision to use car haulers, who have no enough driving experience. They take little safety precautions and are causing damage to the new cars that are being hauled from the factories. This might cause to run down the customers hope on new cars.

Safety and economical security threatened

"It's particularly offensive that GM and Fiat-Chrysler are taking the lead in cutting corners, threatening the safety and economic security of the taxpayers and car buyers who have footed the bill - tens of billions of dollars - to bail them out,” said by Rosemary Shahan, founder and president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety. Are they not aware that they are threatening the safety and economical security of the tax payers?

Already, nearly 400 jobs are cut since Oct 1, when GM and Chrysler moved to their new business model. It is known that the average rate of unemployment is higher in Detroit than the national average unemployment rate.

Is U.S economic security in the hands of GM and Chrysler?

U.S. economy is solely in the hands of automobile industries- this statement is very clear with the current situation which is prevailing in U.S. Though the Union had taken steps to bring this issue to the light with the Congress, but it showed they could do nothing to reverse the automakers actions.

Teamsters fights, GM and Chrysler job cuts
On the other hand, the teamster’s pressure over GM and Chrysler to stop eliminating good teamster jobs continues. GM and Chrysler are aggressively trying to put a halt to the teamsters hauling jobs.

Consumer Action’s Director of National Priorities Linda Sherry said "We have motorists sharing the freeways with these car carriers who do not secure the car properly. It is terrifying to imagine of the damage, two tons of metal could cause if it fell off a car carrier..." Now, unfortunately, I have an answer - albeit the wrong answer! - Because the report we are releasing today clearly shows that cut-rate car-hauling firms do not know what they are doing, and this endangers all motorists and buyers of new Chrysler and GM vehicles."

Its difficult to understand as why GM and Chrysler showing the way to other automobile manufacturing companies to follow their strategy of hiring non-union car haulers, which in turn is hampering the daily wages of a common union car hauler.


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